On Finding Yourself: Insight Into Associated Wanderlust Clichés


By: Dana Crosby

I wasn’t able to study abroad in college, so after graduation, my top priority was to live abroad for an extended period of time. Teaching abroad seemed like the most sustainable, feasible option. I enrolled in International TEFL Academy’s online course, worked two jobs to save enough cushion money until I had a consistent paycheck, and set my sites on Hanoi, Vietnam. It was high time for me to “find myself,” “get out of my comfort zone,” “scratch the travel itch,” and “find a cure for my wanderlust”. This is a story about clichés.

People will talk to you about how good it is to “get out of your comfort zone”, and (spoiler alert!!) it is. But why? The answer is multi-faceted, so I want to focus on the role of personal identify in creating one’s comfort zone and how it’s affected when we exit said comfort zone.

How I'm Funding Traveling in Asia While Living & Teaching English in Vietnam

By: Ana Santos

Exploring opportunities while enjoying diversity in Asia.

My passion for people, culture, and languages has inspired me to travel to more than 40 countries. It all started when I was a baby traveling and camping with my family in Europe. This allowed me to travel and made me curious about learning foreign languages as well as diversity. To fund my travel and research as a Masters student, I’ve decided to take TEFL class in Istanbul, and I’m currently teaching in Vietnam. I like studying, and at the age of 42, I thought it could be the right time to teach and inspire others in developing countries. With a focus on transportation and ecotourism while travelling and researching, I settled in Hanoi where I saw great opportunity to do what I like the most: traveling and learning. In between I’m funding my adventures through teaching English and online business.

Life After Returning from Teaching English Abroad in Vietnam

By: Dana Crosby

As my college graduation drew nearer, it became increasingly clear to me that the only post-grad plan I could be truly excited about and look forward to would be teaching abroad. So, as the summer after graduation commenced and my fellow newly-minted alumni moved away to begin the next chapter of their lives, I enrolled in International TEFL Academy’s Online TEFL course and began researching the process of moving to Vietnam. Almost exactly two years later, five months of saving and living with my parents, a year of living in Hanoi, and seven months of re-acclimation to the United States are behind me. A lot has changed in the two years since I was a fresh college graduate, yet some challenges are the same.

On Moving to Teach English Abroad with Your Significant Other

By: Dana Crosby 

As college graduation drew near, I became increasingly certain that my next move would be one that would take me abroad. Never having left North America, I felt like it was my only option: The time was ripe to see the world by living in a different country. Coincidentally, my significant other (SO) had highly similar goals, and we both zeroed in on teaching English abroad as the best way to fulfill our dreams. A few months after graduation, I moved home to save as much money as possible, and my significant other did the same.