My Life In Frankfurt and How To Get a Job Teaching English in Germany

By: Michael McGuire

There are a million reasons to travel abroad and teach English, as anyone who has done this can tell you.  When considering where to teach, there are unlimited potential locations that would make for amazing life experiences.  The place that I chose is Germany, specifically Frankfurt. 

Teaching English Abroad As Your First Job After College

By: Michael McGuire

So you've just graduated after years of hard work.

Now what?

For many people, this means stepping right into the great career you can’t wait to start. For others, like me, this isn’t appealing.

Perhaps you have no idea what type of job is right for you.  Maybe you just want to travel while you still can.  Whatever your reason, teaching abroad can be a great way to learn more about yourself, which will allow you to make better decisions about your future.

Getting a Work Permit to Teach English in Germany

By: Noah Franc

As I detailed in my last article Hopes of the Past, Dreams of the Future, my return to Germany was followed by a month of fairly intense job searching. My elation at getting my position with Eifert, however, was quickly tempered when I realized that merely finding a job was the easy part.  The hardest task- navigating the wondrous, magical world of bureaucracy- had only just begun.