My Life In Frankfurt and How To Get a Job Teaching English in Germany

By: Michael McGuire

There are a million reasons to travel abroad and teach English, as anyone who has done this can tell you.  When considering where to teach, there are unlimited potential locations that would make for amazing life experiences.  The place that I chose is Germany, specifically Frankfurt. 

Hopes of the Past, Dreams of the Future - Teaching English in Germany

By: Noah Franc

I am, among other things, a huge movie buff.  I watch a lot of movies, new and old, and there are few things I enjoy more than a good conversation about my favorites with fellow cinema enthusiasts.  I even started a blog about movies this past year, to keep track of what I saw in theaters, and one of my favorites was a movie by the makers of the Matrix Trilogy called Cloud Atlas.  Bear with me, I’m bringing this up for a reason.  The film, about the interconnectedness of human nature, and the enduring power of love and companionship, has an especially important line, one that’s repeated several times over the film’s 170-minute running time; “Our lives are not our own.  We are bound to others.”