Middle Eastern Meals: Dining Adventures with Katie Ayers in the U.A.E.

By Katie Ayers

When traveling, the only solidified plan I make before leaving is where to eat. My Pinterest travel board is a glorified international food board and I am constantly in search of my favorite meal to date.

One of my favorite meals happens to come from my current home. After doing extensive research on where to eat in Ras al Khaimah, trying a variety of food and compiling my top 5 must eats I’m ready to convince people to travel here based on the food alone. If I convince you, and you make your way up to the northernmost Emirate, don’t leave before you hit at least 2 of these spots.

10 Amazing International Food Experiences in Madrid


By: Rhea Baliwala

Coming from a country where every region has a different variety of food to offer, food was naturally an important part of growing up. So, when I first moved to Madrid by taking the International TEFL Academy Madrid course in January 2016 , I decided that I had to learn everything about Madrileño food culture - the Tapas, the Tinto verano, The Tortillas de patata, the Croquettes, the Chorizos, the Lenteja - all of it.

But after three months of exploring amazing Spanish food, I realized that Madrid, being a multicultural city, has a lot of amazing restaurants from the other parts of the world as well.

The Wheels On The Bus - Teaching English In Guadalajara Mexico

By: Taylor Sands

I have been living in Mexico for almost eight months and I am still continuously surprised by life here.  When I first arrived in Guadalajara, there was so much to see and get used to.  The first major adjustment I had to make was the difference in meals and meal times. 

In the United States, we typically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with dinner being a relatively large meal.  Here in Mexico, that is not the case.  The norm is to have something small in the early morning, perhaps before work or school.  Then around eight o’clock or nine o’clock, people typically eat a hearty breakfast.

A Varied Palette in Peru - Teaching English in Peru

By Caitlin Self

Actually, today is my last night,” I
stated to a local at the bar where I worked.

Oh really, that’s too bad. What are you doing next?” he inquired, assuming I’d gotten a “real” job in the area, or that I was moving on to some other restaurant down the street.

Teaching English in Peru,” I stated, as I walked away.