Teach, Learn, Travel - Repeat

By: Rachel McCarthy

In my senior year before graduating university, I decided to enroll in ITA’s online course. I knew that I would be traveling the whole next year (at least) with some goals; surfing and improving my Spanish being two among them. I am a planner; I like pretty defined outlines, allowing for some flexibility of course. Getting certified to teach English presented itself as gaining a skill set that could be applied anywhere in the world, which sounded good to me. I decided on Central America as my destination, specifically, Nicaragua. I did not start out teaching ESL. I worked for a few months as a receptionist. While I received a few offers to privately tutor, I was working very full time already, so I never did.

How to Find Private English Teaching Jobs in Madrid, Spain

 By: Rhea Baliwala

As a citizen of a country that is not a member of the European Union (EU), I was initially concerned about finding enough work teaching English in Spain without a work visa. I  took the face-to-face International TEFL Academy course in Madrid, which provides the opportunity to enroll in a year of part-time Spanish classes.  That enabled me to get a Student Visa so I could work legally for 20 hours on a contract with a language school without any issues. However, being on a contract means your hourly wage is reduced by tax and social security payments and hence is generally lower than what you can earn teaching private English classes. So I needed to balance those hours with some private teaching hours.

The following details the means by which I found private students for teaching English in Madrid. It is by no means exhaustive, but I’ve found that there is such a high demand for English teachers that it wasn't as difficult as I anticipated it would be.

My Colombian Job Search: From Mochilera to Residente

By: Caroline Cassard

I graduated from college in December, the same time that I wrapped up my TEFL certificate with International TEFL Academy’s online TEFL course. I wanted to backpack through the northern part of South America, and land in Peru, Ecuador, or Colombia to stay and teach. A shockingly cheap ticket to Lima made the decision for me: I’d begin there, explore Peru for a month, and gradually make my way north toward Medellin, Colombia, where I would begin my job search. With only a departure date and an end goal, the destinations in the middle were planned on-the-go.

Stage Fright - Teaching Private English Lessons in Italy

By: Jenna Berens

I don’t like being the center of attention. I don’t like being at the head of a crowd. I don’t like a room full of strangers looking at me. Basically, I have stage fright. I thought that maybe going through the TEFL process and moving to Europe might help me get over it, or I thought that I would just have to suck it up because living in Europe would be worth it. No one told me that there would be a good way to avoid the problem altogether.

My boyfriend and I hatched a plan to move to Italy and teaching was the only way we knew we could make a living, so we signed up for an online certification class through the International TEFL Academy.