Teaching English in China Keeps Me Young

By: Steven Anteau 

How can you teach in China? You dont speak Chinese!

This was the immediate response from my friends as soon as they heard that I was moving to China to teach English. I had wondered myself how I would get along, but, I was here to teach English in an immersion environment. I assumed the best and just chalked it up to stuff to worry about later.

No Fear: From Ohio to Beijing

By: Steven Anteau

I had the ticket in my hand. Toledo to Beijing, 26 hours from door to door. I had never lived outside my hometown in my life, and now I was moving across the world to teach English in China.

When my brother dropped me off at the airport. When I passed security at the airport. When we took off. When I landed in Beijing and when I picked up my luggage.  Throughout the entire journey, I only had two words on my mind: NO FEAR!