[Video] Teach English in Asia - Ambassador Facebook Live

Are you interested in teaching English in Asia?

We've got you covered! In this video, ITA Ambassadors Summer, Amanda and Amber share their experience living and teaching in Thailand, Japan and online in Asia. Watch them talk about their TEFL certification course, why they decided to teach English in Asia, how they found their teaching job, making friends, visa processes and more! 

Teaching English Online in Da Nang, Vietnam with Amanda Kolbye [Video]

What's it like to live and teach English online from Vietnam?

Watch this video to see ITA Ambassador, Amanda Kolbye, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English online from Da Nang, Vietnam.

In this video, Amanda covers: 

  • A tour of the area/city they live in
  • Her gym and price
  • What ITA TEFL course they took
  • A tour of her Da Nang apartment and where to find apartments for rent
  • Perks of teaching English online and country hopping
  • Vietnam visas
  • Main mode of transportation in Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Whether it's safe to drive in Vietnam
  • A breakdown of monthly expenses including rent, utilities, transport, food, groceries, phone, etc
  • Teaching English online with VIPKID and her schedule
  • The difference between living in Taiwan and Vietnam
  • Medical Insurance 

[Video] Alumni Instagram Takeover - Teaching English Online from Da Nang, Vietnam

ITA alumna, Abigail Jacobs, takes over the ITA Instagram Story to show us a day in her life living and teaching English online in Da Nang, Vietnam


Day in the Life of an English Teacher - Da Nang, Vietnam

 By: Jane Smith

I’m currently living in Da Nang, Vietnam. Thanks to International TEFL Academy’s Online TEFL course, I’m a TEFL certified teacher and easily found a great job! In Da Nang, most teaching jobs are at centers that teach outside of regular school hours. I work Wednesday through Sunday on weeknights and all day on the weekends. In my work contract, I have to work 35 hours per week, which includes 18 teaching hours. When I’m not teaching, I have to spend 17 hours in the office, which includes lesson planning, meetings, greeting students before class, and meeting with parents. Luckily, I get to choose when to do my office hours, and I can sort of make my own schedule, outside of my scheduled classes. Even though my weekends are long and tiring, I love working weeknights Wednesday through Friday, because I get to enjoy Da Nang during the day. It’s winter now and when it’s not raining; it’s very beautiful! I’m grateful for this beautiful weather because the summers are incredibly hot. It’s especially hot since I drive a motorbike and air conditioning is not common in restaurants and shopping places.