[Ambassador Video] Top Tips for Getting Around Prague - Public Transport

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Ryan Cook, shows us how to get around Prague, Czech Republic, using the cities public transportation system. With a system this convenient and easy, there's no excuse for you not to get out there and explore Prague! 

Surviving vs. Thriving When You Arrive in Prague [Teaching English in Czech Republic]

By: Emma Grace Fairchild

Before moving to Prague six weeks ago to start a new life as an English teacher in the Czech Republic, I lived abroad before in Sweden as an exchange student. I spent the year following my return back to the U.S. with one goal- to return back to Europe. I had the passion and drive to arrange my life to move, completed all of the preparations one could do before leaving their home country, and had a sense of peace about the entire process and the impending move. I thought moving to Prague to be an English teacher would be a breezeā€¦ But I realize now nothing could have prepared me for what life would be like when embarking on such a wild voyage!