[Video] Teaching English Abroad: More Than a Gap Year

What does it mean to teach English abroad?

Watch ITA Ambassador Mira share her experience living and teaching in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and explain why her English teaching experience overseas means much more than taking a gap year. From moving abroad and transitioning to her new life, to finding her job and being an English teacher in Costa Rica, watch her cover it all!

Teaching English in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica with Kathleen Doyle [Video]

What's it like to live and teach English in Costa Rica?

Watch this video to see ITA Alumni Ambassador, Kathleen Doyle, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

In this video, Kathleen covers: 

- When the Costa Rica school year starts
- How long she's been living and teaching English in Costa Rica
- The health insurance you receive as a worker in Costa Rica
- The local city
- What her classroom looks like
- The school she works at and the classes she teaches
- Getting her job in-person after she had arrived in Costa Rica
- Monthly expenses in terms of rent, groceries, bus fare, etc vs. her salary
- Her beautiful beach surroundings

5 Things That Surprised Me About Living in Costa Rica

Teaching English in Costa Rica

By: Caroline Chadwell

Two months in Costa Rica has flown by faster than any adventure I've ever undertaken. It's a strange feeling settling in one area, telling yourself that this is your new home for awhile, reminding yourself that even though it's a long time, to use the time wisely. 

I remember my first extended stay adventure in California thinking, "I'll be here for four months, and then I'll go home and look for a job." Those four months turned into two years and I have this sinking feeling that it could happen here as well.

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