Bem vindo ao Brasil - Welcome to Brazil

By: Cody Perenchio

Cosa Fai?  O que você faz?  ¿Qué haces?

What do you do? Well, I do a lot of things. I am an English teacher. I love to teach. I love teaching because I like to learn languages. Most importantly learning languages teaches you how to fail and fail again. Call me "Captain Fail.” I bet I will help you fail and fail until we both succeed together. Let’s talk a bit about my story.

The Best Decision - TEFL Certification in Chicago

By: Kimmy Nguyen


College graduate, licensed cosmetologist, licensed stock broker, and now…I can now add the title of “Certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teacher” to my strange string of skills and qualifications. I’ve realized by now that I am a complicated individual. I go into one profession and onto the next because I get bored easily. I like to be challenged. No, I NEED to be challenged.

So when it came time for me to make a decision about how to get TEFL certified, it only felt right to choose the route that would challenge me the most. That meant that I would need to max out my credit cards to fly out to Chicago for four weeks to complete the TEFL course in person.

Dare to Dream: Teaching English in South Korea

By: Elizabeth Feyh

Some people are born adventurers; wanderlust is in their blood. They love not knowing where they’re going or how they’re getting there. For others, that is the definition of a nightmare. Those who thrive off the thrill of the unknown or enjoy being a fish out of water may not understand the trepidation of those born more cautious.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost - Making the Decision to Leave Home to Teach English Abroad

 By: Hannah Fox

Well, here we go. In less than three hours, I will be on a 747 flying over the Atlantic.

In the past few weeks, I’ve experienced the entire spectrum of emotions—fear, excitement, anxiety, happiness, sadness—all in rapid succession. Quitting my job was at the same time one of the easiest and hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I had been working as a research assistant in a well respected company for almost two years that could really take me places, living comfortably in Chicago, surrounded by friends and family.

But at the same time, I didn’t feel fulfilled. After spending time in Latin America a few years back, I found myself ready to go abroad again. I was hoping that my job would allow me to travel abroad, as I was part of the international division, but after a while it, became clear that that was not going to happen. After a few life events that made it apparent that the universe was aligning for me to make this decision, as well as a daily walk down the street past an academy offering certification to teach abroad, I decided to take the plunge. I quit my job and decided to move to teach English in Germany.

Heart and Seoul - Teaching English in South Korea

By: Elizabeth Feyh

When you first start telling people you want to teach English in Korea, the most common question you may hear is "North or South?" Once you move past the ignorance, or people just trying to be funny, you are more likely to hear "Why?"

You know, that's a good question.

  • Why on earth would you want to leave the comfort and familiarity of your home to pursue a job in a country most likely very different from your own?
  • Why would you want to leave your family and friends to start a new life alone in unfamiliar surroundings?
  • Why would you intentionally cause yourself to stress over performing simple daily tasks in a strange language?