Teaching English in Turkey: A Journey Towards Career Freedom

By: Pouneh Eftekhari

As a passport holder since the age of 5, you can say I’m somewhat of a travel addict. Even when I’m on vacation or living abroad, I feel jealous of those who are in places I’m not.

This love for travel turned into an addiction about ten years ago while I was studying abroad in France. Upon my return to the United States, I continued exploring other cultures through volunteering, my coursework (I ended up getting a Spanish minor), and studying abroad in Spain.

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone - Teaching English in Thailand

By: Collen Kriel


Having worked in jobs that ranged from a restaurant manager to an account manager in a large corporation, I had worked my way up to a pretty comfortable lifestyle. However it wasn’t enough, I wanted a change, and the thought of completing another Excel spreadsheet made me feel physically ill.