Teaching English in Germany: Stories From Behind the Berlin Wall

By: Jacob Arthur

If I hadn’t taken my Online TEFL course with the International TEFL Academy, I might still be working in a restaurant in Virginia, and I wouldn’t have had the possibility to land a job in Berlin, Germany. If I hadn’t taken the chance to move to Berlin, I never would have had the opportunity to teach and get to know so many people who lived behind the Berlin Wall.  The Wall was the concrete manifestation of the Iron Curtain between the East and the West during the Cold War. Before moving to Berlin, it was a chapter in a history book to me. But what about the people who lived on the other side of it?

Never did I think that I would get to know these people, countless, wonderful people, who lived for decades behind that wall, and who have experienced life in very different ways than I have. 

The Language Farm and Teaching English in Germany

 By: Megan Cape

My name is Megan Cape, I am a 26 year old female with the dream of traveling the world. After graduating 3 1/2 years ago with a bachelors degree in Communication, and still no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to set out on an adventure of teaching and living abroad.

Once I arrived in Berlin, and got over the shock that I was actually living my dream, I began looking for an English teaching job. After a couple of months of searching, I stumbled across an ad on Craigslist for camp counselor positions at an organization called the Language Farm. While reading the ad, I could not believe how much I felt this job description was written for me. It was searching for native English speakers who enjoy sports, outdoor activities, art, cooking, and much more. I applied for the position immediately, got an email for an interview a couple weeks later, and was hired on the spot and I couldn't be more ecstatic.

Home Is Where the Heart Is - Teaching English in Berlin, Germany

By Megan Cape

While receiving my TEFL certificate from the International TEFL Academy, I pondered the possible cities I wanted to live in.

From Madrid to Argentina, thoughts of Istanbul and Rio De Janeiro, I finally landed on Berlin, Germany and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

When I first moved to San Francisco after graduating college, it took me a solid year until I finally felt at home. When I moved to Berlin, it took me about 3 months to feel at home. I have never felt like I belong in a place as much as I do here. From the people, to the events and activities, to the lifestyle, to the scenery, etc. I feel like Berlin fits me so well.