Why I Am No Longer Teaching

By: Tatianna Peckham

Where My Journey Began

I found my passion for teaching by a very strange turn of events. A truly “Sure why not?” method, one could say. It all started with a ring when I was in the midst of deciding whether or not to leave my university in Manhattan, New York after only one semester.

[Video] TEFL Facebook Live - Teach English in Barcelona, Spain with Rachel Sair

In this video, ITA alumna Rachel Sair talks about her experience living and teaching English abroad in Barcelona, Spain! Rachel took our Barcelona TEFL Class 7 years go. After teaching English for a year, she has moved on to a position of coordinator at an academy and continues to teach English on the side. 7 years later, she's still living in Barcelona! From TEFL certification and work visa to finding a job in Barcelona and teaching English in Spain, watch her cover it all!

[Video] Alumni Instagram Takeover - Teaching English Online from Barcelona, Spain

ITA alumni couple, Amanda and Taylor, takes over the ITA Instagram Story to show us a day in their life living and teaching English online from Barcelona, Spain

Two Years Later: Living and Teaching English in Barcelona

By: Lauren O' Rourke

I never imagined I would say that I’ve lived in Barcelona for two years. It’s hard to believe! I arrived here in June of 2013 to explore before beginning my ITA Barcelona TEFL course in July. I didn’t have a lot of plans or preconceived ideas of what the next few months had in store for me, not to mention the next few years. I had spent so much of the last ten years of my life planning everything. Finish school, go to grad school, get a job, yatta yatta yatta. I was sick of planning. My loose “plan” was to take the TEFL course, teach for a while, travel, and head back to the States in the winter or maybe in the following spring. I wanted a new experience. I wanted to learn Spanish. I needed a break from the grueling 9-5 world. I never expected to fall in love and make a home in this magical foreign land. But that’s exactly what I’ve done, and I don’t regret it for a second.

ITA Alumni Video Contest Winner: Teaching English in Spain with Rachel Sair

Gain a Firsthand Perspective on Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain in Rachel Sair's Winning Entry in the 2014 ITA Alumni Video Contest

Want to know what it's actually like to teach English in Spain?

How to Find Private English Teaching Work in Barcelona Spain

By Lauren O'Rourke

As an American teaching in Barcelona, Spain, I was initially concerned about finding work without a work visa. Thankfully, that has not been a problem AT ALL.

The following details the means by which I found private students in Barcelona. It is by no means exhaustive, but I’ve found that there is such a demand for English teachers that I didn’t need to look very far to find plenty of private students. After only a few weeks of adding new students, I already had to turn students away or refer them to other teachers.

Barcelona and Then Some - TEFL Certification in Spain

By: Stacee Ballback

I feel tears begin to creep up and cloud myvision as I stand, sweating and panting, begging into the eyes of an airline attendant as she tells me that the plane wont wait for my friend to clear security. It’s not all as dramatic as I make it out to be though, such is the life of a two young girls traveling around Europe. In reality its moments like this that make the best stories later. We actually made it onto that flight. When it felt like I couldn’t hold up the plane any longer and after telling the attendant I wouldn’t get on the flight without her, Clara came running around the corner and I swear, the clouds opened and sappy reunion music played. The travel gods were on our side that day and for most of the three months we spent living in Barcelona.

The Imagery of Change - An American's story of teaching English in Spain

By: Gabriele Dow

“I Can Transform Ya” is a good and popular song by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne from a few years back, the unofficial theme song of the popular movie franchise Transformers at the time it came out. Little did I know that it would serve to be the theme song to my experience living out one of my dreams, a process that is ongoing as I complete only my fourth month (of a hopeful 11) here in Spain, thanks to the International TEFL Academy!