[Video] Ambassador Facebook Live: Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand

In this video, ITA Alumni Ambassador Allison Schmitt talks about her experience living and teaching English abroad in Bangkok, Thailand! From TEFL certification to finding a job in Bangkok and teaching English in Thailand, watch her cover it all!

The Difference Between Studying Abroad and Teaching Abroad

By: Kirsten Iverson

When I studied abroad, it felt like an extended vacation. Every day my friends and I would repeat the phrase this is not real life. Classes were challenging because they were in Spanish, but it was exciting learning and thinking in another language. We had tons of free time to explore the city, go to the beach and go out A LOT.

When I came home (from Spain), I couldn’t wait to go back, I knew I belonged in another place, a place where my blonde hair and blue eyes stuck out instead of blending in. I craved the excitement of ordering something in another language, of bargaining, trying new foods and waking up somewhere new every day.

International TEFL Academy Alumni Meetup in Bangkok, Thailand!

By: Kirsten Iverson

The smell of fried food and fish wafted through the air. Glasses clanked together and beer spilled over the edge onto the dirt floor. Dogs sniffed around looking for scraps, and 90’s covers sang by a Thai woman in impressive English radiated off the overhead canopy and food stalls. It was a hot and humid Saturday evening at the On Nut Night Market; a spot filled with locals and expats alike, all drinking, eating, listening to music and watching football.


Teaching English Abroad: A Second Chance After Not Studying Education in College

By: Kirsten Iverson

The Before

It all began about two years ago. Everyday on my way to work, I passed the International TEFL Academy office in Chicago and everyday I stared at it, hoping, wondering, wishing for a sign to quit my job and teach English abroad. I finally sent an email to a TEFL Advisor, started thinking about where I wanted to go and how I could save enough money, but never pulled the trigger.

Months and months later, I met Stefano. We are the same person, with the same sense of adventure and love for life. We had an amazing time in Chicago, exploring the city and trying everything, all new to him since he is from Italy. His visa was expiring in the U.S. and the clock started ticking. Were we going to stay together? What was going to happen when August rolled around? Was our relationship serious? It was. We decided we couldn't be apart. Where could we go? What would we do?