[Video] Ambassador Instagram Takeover: Teach English in Rome, Italy with Allie Merges

Teaching English in Italy - Plunging in Headfirst

By:  Annie Chen

“There is never a good time,” they always
say. It’s a cliché but true statement, for so many situations in someone’s life- for example, breaking up with a significant other, moving homes or quitting a job. In my case, I was confronted with completely changing my career path and uprooting my life halfway around the world.

"Welcome Home" - Teaching English in Italy

By: Amelia Perri

Sitting on the stoop of my soon to be Italian apartment, I surveyed my new neighborhood and attempted to sort out my bearings. Within the span of four hours, I left Budapest, flew into Milan, hopped on a train to Florence and hailed a taxi to my new home. I was meant to meet my landlord, Maurizio, at 11am to get into the apartment and it was now 1pm. Just as I was about to search for a café with wifi, a vespa screeches to a stop right in front of me and my name is being called out from underneath a shiny helmet.