Getting Ready For Teaching English Abroad With My Online TEFL Class

By: Jonathan Bowen

I am currently taking the International TEFL Academy online TEFL course and am finding the course challenging but manageable. The nature of the course has been really good. I complete the homework and quizzes when it works best for my schedule. The readings and videos are good compliments to the great class professors and give good examples on how to teach English. I currently work teaching full time and am still able to complete the course work as required. I have always loved teaching and traveling.

The Imagery of Change - An American's story of teaching English in Spain

By: Gabriele Dow

“I Can Transform Ya” is a good and popular song by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne from a few years back, the unofficial theme song of the popular movie franchise Transformers at the time it came out. Little did I know that it would serve to be the theme song to my experience living out one of my dreams, a process that is ongoing as I complete only my fourth month (of a hopeful 11) here in Spain, thanks to the International TEFL Academy!

Consider it an investment. The BEST MONEY I spent this year.

"Detroit, Michigan is having a hard time economically at this point in time. Jobs aren't as readily available as they were even five years ago. International TEFL Academy is a sure bet in this economy."

So says William Butler, a 29-year-old from Michigan, who graduated from International TEFL Academy's Chicago TEFL Certification Course in July, 2012.

Below is a reprint of an entry from William's journal posted on Sept 10, 2012, that details his experience taking his TEFL class and landing a job teaching English in Korea.