[Video] Ambassador Facebook Live: Teaching English Abroad as a Couple

In this video, watch ITA Ambassadors Ashley & Tim share their experience living and teaching abroad together in Geochang, South Korea! From moving abroad and transitioning to their new life together, to finding their job and making friends overseas, watch them cover the challenges and rewards of teaching English with your significant other in a foreign country.

[Video] Ambassador Facebook Live: Teaching English Abroad with a Diverse Perspective

In this video, watch Allen in Spain, and Kristine in Russia talk about their experience living and teaching abroad with a diverse perspective. From having concerns before moving abroad, to finding their community overseas and having to potentially deal with discriminations, watch them cover it all.

[Video] Ambassador Facebook Live: Life Abroad

Wondering what life abroad is like? In this video, watch Kelsie in Japan, Camille in China & Allison in Thailand talk about their experience living abroad! From their favorite place, and food, to the dating scene and speaking the language of their respective country, watch them cover it all!

Love in Unexpected Places - My Experiences Traveling & Teaching English Abroad

By: Kristine Bolt

I love my job. That's something I never said before a few months ago, and I've been working for almost twenty years! And I'm saying it about a job that, as a teenager, I swore to my mom that I would never do. Ah, the folly of youth. But let's back up so you can catch up.

Firsts: Adjustments to life in Colombia as a New English Teacher

By: Sara McKinney

Well folks, this week concludes my twelfth week in Colombia, tenth week in Cali, and my ninth week teaching English. I’ve been on a giant learning curve in regards to creating a life here for myself with a lot of firsts. I’ve miraculously and successfully completed my first solo apartment hunt, though it took about four weeks to finally find a place that met my needs (furnished, good area/location, good price. Pictures to come.) I have begun to establish myself in my school as a new teacher, equipped with the practical knowledge I gained from my online TEFL certification course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) through the International TEFL Academy.