Teaching English in Hamburg, Germany with Tamie Arietta [Video]


What's it like to live and teach English in Germany?

Watch this video to see ITA Alumni Ambassador, Tamie Arietta, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English in Hamburg, Germany

In this video, Tamie covers: 

- Why she chose Hamburg, Germany
- How she opened her own Language Academy 
- How she helps other expats with the German visa process
- Hamburg fun facts
- Private teaching and how this was a better option for her
- Language School pros and cons
- Private Tutoring pros and cons
- Average rent prices and what you can expect when apartment hunting
- Interviews with other ITA Alumni that just arrived in Hamburg

Teach English in Hamburg, Germany

A true nomad at heart from San Diego, Tamie has explored most of the United States but had never been abroad until given the opportunity thanks to a massive layoff from the corporate world. After almost a year of traveling, volunteering, and studying around the world, she found a way to combine her passion for traveling, helping others and teaching in Hamburg, Germany. Read more about Tamie

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