Seoul Neighborhood Spotlight: Samcheong-dong

Samcheong-dong is a great neighborhood to visit in Seoul, South Korea

Our ITA Alumni Ambassadors are living in some of the world's greatest cities. We asked them to hit the streets and give us an inside look at their favorite neighborhoods to hang out and spend an afternoon. From the best coffee shops and restaurants, to the more off the beaten path hidden gems, our Alumni Ambassadors are on the ground abroad & ready to spill their tips!

Delia Nicole

Samcheong-dong is an incredible area in Seoul. Located near two palaces and the President's house, it's an area where the tradition and antique beauty of South Korean culture combines with the modern movement of the nation. Take a walk around, visit the palaces and contemporary museum or purchase souvenirs to bring a token of your experience home with you.


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Delia Nicole - ITA Ambassador for Seoul, South KoreaJust a woman who loves to live life and travel. From NY, USA to Seoul, South Korea; Delia Nicole enjoys teaching English and experiencing various cultures. South Korea had the appeal of a country with rich tradition and history and also a growing modern culture. "I’m excited to meet new people in Seoul. Both those that have been here for some time and those just arriving."


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