Why Teach English and Live Abroad? Why Not?

By: Thomas Gronemeyer

South KoreaMy name is Thomas Gronemeyer and I want to teach English abroad for several reasons.  I have lived abroad in Austria and I was able to travel through Europe along with improve my German while I lived in Austria.  I want to teach English in South Korea for some of the same reasons.  I would like to not only travel all through Asia while teaching in Korea I would also like to learn Korean.  I love to travel and I also love to learn about different cultures and learn different languages.   All of these reasons are why I would like to teach English in a foreign country.


The first time I left the United States of America when was I was 17 years old, I went to Germany and Austria on a school fieldtrip with my German class. At first, I was very scared and intimidated by traveling to another country and trying to speak another language. I honestly did not want to even go on the trip.

My German teacher convinced me it would be fun and an eye opening experience. She was right! I loved every bit of my travel through Germany and Austria.  When I got back to The United States of America all I could think of was going back to Europe.  It consumed my thoughts for a few years until I decided to go backpacking through Germany, Austria and The Netherlands over the summer with one of my friends. Not only did we have six great weeks traveling through Europe but we both also improved our German a lot as well. 

South KoreaA year after that I went to South Korea to visit some Koran friends that I met when they did a study abroad in my home university. After visiting them I realized that I needed to travel even more. I did a study Abroad in Graz, Austria a year after that, and that is when I traveled all through Europe.  Before I went to Europe for my study abroad I visited my sister in Australia, who was also studying abroad. 
I have never had more fun other than when I was traveling through Europe. The best part was looking at a map and deciding where I would go next. Not only did I see many new different countries but I also learned a lot about all the different cultures I visited.

The best part was that I was able to learn more about myself when traveling. I realized that I need to see as much of the world as possible before I die. I have a personal goal to see at least seventy five different countries before I die. I am only at twenty right now so I have a long way to go. 
South Korea Teaching English

I decided that I wanted to teach English in South Korea during my second visit there last winter. I really enjoy the culture and I would like to learn the language.  That is why I decided to take this online TEFL class with The International TEFL Academy.  With this certificate and my college degree I can teach English in South Korea and fulfill my goals.  I am ready to go and I can’t wait until I get over to South Korea and start teaching and traveling. 


Thomas Gronemeyer is 25 with a BA from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in German.  He has lived in Europe and loves to travel and is going to teach English in South Korea soon.              

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