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Teaching English in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain: Alumni Q&A with Lauren Turner

Teaching English in Madrid, Spain: Alumni Q&A with Amy Winters

Teaching English in Madrid, Spain: Alumni Q&A with Kareemah Ashiru

Teaching English in Valencia, Spain: Alumni Q&A with Emily Angelico

Teaching English in Madrid, Spain: Alumni Q&A with Christina Bates

Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain: Alumni Q&A with Bekka Burton

Teaching English in Zaragoza, Spain: ALumni Q&A with Alain Saleh

Sevilla, Spain English Teaching Q and A with Maggie Vosters

Barcelona, Spain English Teaching Q and A with Rachel Sair with Video

Barcelona, Spain English Teaching Q and A with Michelle Palladini

Alicante, Spain English Teaching Q and A with Maggie Jones



Ambassadors' Fact Sheet: Madrid, Spain

Ambassadors Fact Sheet: Barcelona, Spain

Neighborhood Spotlight: Barcelona - Eixample

Neighborhood Spotlight Barcelona: Sants Montjuic

Neighborhood Spotlight: Madrid - La Latina

Barcelona and Then Some - TEFL Certification in Spain - Stacee Ballback

Two Very Different Plane Rides - Teaching English Abroad in Spain - Cara Chatellier

Confessions of an American Abroad - An English Teacher in Spain - Alexis Sabatino

Pros & Cons of Teaching English in Madrid - By Christina Bates (ITA Alumni Ambassador)

10 Amazing International Food Experiences in Madrid - Rhea Baliwala

What to Expect, When You're Move Abroad - Alexis Sabatino

How to Find Private English Teaching Work in Barcelona Spain - Lauren O'Rourke

The Imagery of Change - An American's story of teaching English in Spain - Gabriele Dow

How my Plan B Turned into My Plan A - Teaching English in Barcelona - Kaci Tokumoto (ITA Alumni Ambassador)



Video: Ambassador Instagram Takeover - Madrid, Spain

[Video] Ambassador Facebook Live - Teaching English in Madrid, Spain

[Video] Alumni Instagram Takeover - Teaching English Online from Barcelona, Spain

ITA Alumni Video Contest Winner: Teaching English in Spain with Rachel Sair

Alumni Video: Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain - Lauren O'Rourke



Christina Bates - Simply the Bates

Molly Torbet - Molly in Madrid


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