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Each year more than 3,500 people from all backgrounds earn their TEFL certification from International TEFL Academy and gain employment teaching English in 80 countries worldwide from Spain and Thailand to Costa Rica and Japan.  Fill out the form to receive: 

  • Free Downloadable Brochure: 30 Pages detailing the world of Teaching English Abroad;
  • Country Chart: Compare salaries, hiring requirements, start-up costs and more for teaching English in more than 50 countries;
  • Expert Guidance: Get all your questions answered and receive expert advice from experienced advisors, all of whom have lived and worked abroad;
  • TEFL Certification Options: Accredited Online & International TEFL TESOL courses in 25 locations worldwide that will provide you with a qualification to teach English in tens of thousands of schools worldwide;
  • Job Search Guidance:  Learn about the job placement assistance that our students and graduates  receive to gain employment teaching English in 80 countries.
  • REFERRAL BONUS DISCOUNT FOR TEFL COURSE TUITION!  Because you were referred by a friend, you are eligible to receive an extra $50 off your TEFL course tuition.  Be sure to mention the person who referred you in the form to the right (they will also receive a $50 referral bonus payment).


Meet Your TEFL Admissions Advisor - Doug Waxman

Meet your advisor, doug

Like the person who referred you, you will be working with Doug Waxman. Doug is an experienced world traveler who has been helping people like yourself discover the world by teaching English abroad since 2008. With his extensive experience and knowledge of the field of teaching English overseas, Doug is the perfect person to help you make your dream come true of living, teaching & traveling overseas.

To receive your brochure & work with Doug, please fill out the form or
Call Doug directly at 773-634-9903
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What's Included:

  • Country Comparison Chart: Not sure where to teach abroad? Compare salaries, hiring requirements & more in 60+ countries side-by-side!

  • Brochure: The world of TEFL & teaching abroad at your fingertips, learn about who we are at ITA, our top TEFL certification classes & how we can assist you in finding a job teaching English online & overseas!

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