Meet Our 2018 Ambassador Team

All ITA Alumni Ambassadors have walked the walk and most importantly, have been in YOUR shoes. These experienced teachers and world travelers are teaming up with ITA to provide guidance and support to future ITA teachers.

Jahannah Sistrunk  - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Jahannah Sistrunk

Guangzhou, China

After 10 years working in the real estate industry, this southern girl from Atlanta, GA decided not to be nice about life. She quit her job to travel to the other side of the world and teach English in China! Read more about Jahannah.

Camille Heiden - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Camille Heiden

Shenzhen, China

A Colorado girl with a love for coffee and beaches, Camille left the cold winters at home to teach English in sunny Shenzhen, China. Read more about Camille.

David Haas - ITA Alumni Ambassador

David Haas

Bucharest, Romania

Born and raised in South Florida and spending 7 years after getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Dave left for Romania to live abroad in Europe, teach English and start a photography/marketing business. Read more about Dave.

Charlotte Cathey - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Charlotte Cathey

Kyoto, Japan

A gleeful, transatlantic traveler from Virginia. Currently wanderlusting her way around the world from her home base in historical Kyoto. Read more about Charlotte.

Christina Bates - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Christina Bates

Madrid, Spain

Christina Bates is a Vegas girl who actually hates the nightlife & clubbing but rather prefers the outdoors, hiking and exploring. She always wished she had studied abroad or lived in another country. Finally, once she had a super awesome job and a comfortable lifestyle in her home city, she decided to leave it all behind and move to Spain! Needless to say, it’s been the best decision of her life! Read more about Christina.

Bed Corda - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Ben Corda

Gumi, South Korea

Growing up in a military family, Ben traveled extensively before his father retired in Louisiana. After college, he became a photojournalist which cultivated his love of other cultures and challenged him to see the world through others’ eyes. Ben continued his career in photography as a university photographer, started fixing vintage motorcycles and got married. In September 2017, he and his wife moved to South Korea to share a truly unique experience together, travel Asia and simplify their life. Read more about Ben.

Camille Gix - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Camille Gix

Santiago, Chile

A recent graduate from Seattle, Washington who had always dreamed of going abroad. Less than a week after graduating from university she made the move to Ecuador to start a new life. Now she is very excited to be moving to the country she considers the most beautiful she has seen, Chile! Read more about Camille.

Megan Newnham - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Megan Newnham

Prague, Czech Republic

When Megan tells people that at age 26 she quit her job at an award-winning marketing firm in the natural paradise that is San Diego to teach English in the Czech Republic, they generally think she has lost her mind. As a British-born American citizen, however, she has known since age 5 that she would someday leave America and make her dream of moving back to Europe a reality. Read more about Megan.

Allie Merges - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Allie Merges

Rome, Italy

Allie loves pugs and mozzarella, and cannot go a day without singing. She came to Rome after falling in love with Italy during a semester abroad in college. Read more about Allie.

Shana Heagwood - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Shana Heagwood

Hikone, Japan

Born in England, raised in America, and of Native American heritage, Shana Leigh is quite the walking conundrum. She is passionate, outgoing, creative, and lives to always challenge herself while inspiring and helping others. Read more about Shana.

Kelsie Foster - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Kelsie Foster

Kumamoto, Japan

A goofy girl from Texas who is passionate about travel, nature, food, people, and dancing! Kelsie’s dream is to travel the world and experience how other people live to gain a richer perspective on life. Read more about Kelsie.

Nicola Rae - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Nicola Rae

Teaching English Online

Nicola is an Atlanta native who loves teaching, budget travel, and guacamole. She holds BA’s in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Georgia and a Masters in Education from Francis Marion University. She is currently teaching English online while house sitting. Read more about Nicola.

Ryan Cook - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Ryan Cook

Prague, Czech Republic

From the Heart of the Midwest (Missouri), Ryan discovered his love for the world when he traveled abroad more than 12 years ago. He decided to use his years of teaching and his thirst for adventure to fuel a life-long goal of living abroad. Read more about Ryan.

Kate John - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Kate John

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

After volunteering for a year in the Denver Public School System, Kate felt like she needed a change. Her and her boyfriend both got TEFL certified and set off on an adventure of a lifetime in the Kingdom of Wonder. Read more about Kate.

Allison Schmitt - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Allison Schmitt

Bangkok, Thailand

An American girl based in Bangkok, Allison’s passions include exploring the globe and petting cute animals. A nomad at heart, she thinks the world is too big to stay anywhere too long, currently living in her third country abroad in five years. Read more about Allison.

Katie Ayers - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Katie Ayers

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

A Chicago gal at heart, Katie gained the travel bug in high school when she took a trip to Rome. Since then she’s been finding her way abroad whenever she can, two years ago she got that wish and she isn’t turning back anytime soon. Read more about Katie.

Laura Nalin - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Laura Nalin

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Laura is a 29-year-old serial expat who left the states in 2013 in search of a fresh perspective - a decision which opened more doors than she could’ve imagined. She’s a lover of mountains, spicy food, stand up comedy, and will never turn down a pizza. Read more about Laura.

Amanda Barrows - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Amanda Barrows

Suzhou, China

A Northeastern girl from Camden, Maine, Amanda never imagined her passion for languages and diplomacy would coalesce in a global journey of discovery. She is now embarking on her fourth year teaching ESL, and has found that the ESL classroom is a place to ultimately build a more peaceful and connected world. Read more about Amanda.


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