Meet Our 2018-2019 Ambassador Team

All ITA Alumni Ambassadors have walked the walk and most importantly, have been in YOUR shoes. These experienced teachers and world travelers are teaming up with ITA to provide guidance and support to future ITA teachers.

Kristine Bolt  - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Kristine Bolt

Yakutsk, Russia

Kristine is an atypical Jamaican - unless she’s on a beach, she hates to be hot and much prefers life in cold climates, which is why she happily lives and works near the top of the world in northern Siberia. Read more about Kristine.

Adam Lucente - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Adam Lucente

Erbil, Iraq

Adam Lucente is a journalist and English-language teacher from New York City. He learned Arabic in college and has since taught in Tunisia, Jordan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Read more about Adam.

Mira Winograd - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Mira Winograd

Monteverde, Costa Rica

A Colorado born girl with a lot of curiosity about different ways of living and thinking, who decided to make a change and live abroad in the tropics after completing graduate school in the cold of Chicago. Read more about Mira.

Alyssa Driscoll - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Alyssa Driscoll

Beijing, China

In her seventeenth year of age, tragedy struck Alyssa’s family and they moved to Switzerland! This, of course, turned out to be an amazing opportunity and she developed a love for language and travel. Read more about Alyssa.

Scott Mistler-Ferguson - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Scott Mistler-Ferguson

Vina Del Mar, Chile

An excursionist at heart from the town of Bethlehem, New York, Scott moved to Chile immediately after graduation in pursuit of adventure, learning, and some awesome story-telling material. Read more about Scott.

Molly Ryan - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Molly Ryan

Valencia, Spain

Molly is a midwestern girl with an insatiable appetite for pizza and travel. In that order. During university, she spent a semester in Brazil studying Portuguese which kicked off her curiosity to see other beautiful pockets of the world. In 2015, she left her job in Chicago to teach English in Thailand and two years later, moved to Valencia, Spain where she currently teaches English, hones her photography skills, and drinks red wine. Read more about Molly.

Allen Tunstall - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Allen Tunstall

Barcelona, Spain

Before teaching English in Europe, Allen studied abroad in France and since then it sparked his interest to visit new destinations, learn new languages, experience cultures and live like a local. Allen started his odyssey with the dream of having a simple life abroad while sharing his experiences along the way. Read more about Allen.

Adrienne Glenn - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Adrienne Glenn

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A California girl, born and raised, Adrienne always itched to pack up and leave for France with nothing in her hand but a suitcase. At the age of 38 that dream materialized for her, only in the form of another European country, the Czech Republic, where she began teaching English... and the rest is history. Read more about Adrienne.

Jessica Stanton - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Jessica Stanton

Chongqing, China

Inspired by her first solo international trip to Isla Holbox, Mexico, Jessica decided teaching abroad would be the best way to never stop being inspired. Read more about Jessica.

Rebecca Sirull - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Rebecca Sirull

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Never one for 5-year plans, Rebecca graduated with a communications degree and no idea what to do with it (or rather, too many ideas what to do with it). A month after throwing her cap in the air, she boarded a plane to begin teaching in Peru, and later Colombia. Read more about Rebecca.

Kenny Nguyen - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Kenny Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A Vietnamese-American from Chicago who unexpectedly ended up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Kenny is travel enthusiast, a Youtuber, and a person who has a distinct taste for coffee. You’ll most likely catch Kenny trying out the best coffee Vietnam has to offer. Read more about Kenny.

Amanda Kolbye - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Amanda Kolbye

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

After her internship in Thailand, Amanda knew she had to come back to Southeast Asia. However, she decided to follow societal expectations and get a corporate job quickly realizing it was not where she was meant to be. Soon after she quit her job, sold everything she owned and set off to move around Asia as an online English teacher. Read more about Amanda.

Tamie Arietta - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Tamie Arietta

Hamburg, Germany

A true nomad at heart from San Diego, Tamie has explored most of the United States but had never been abroad until given the opportunity thanks to a massive layoff from the corporate world. After almost a year of traveling, volunteering, and studying around the world, she found a way to combine her passion for traveling, helping others and teaching in Hamburg, Germany. Read more about Tamie.

Tim Unaegbu - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Tim Unaegbu

Geochang, South Korea

A man of adventure! Tim doesn’t like to stay in one place too long, he is a laid back person that loves a new challenge. Tim loves exploring new places and making life long memories along the way. Read more about Tim.

Summer Schlageter - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Summer Schlageter

Chiang Mai, Thailand

A wildlife biologist from California who made the decision to quit her job and move abroad in order to see the world and experience new cultures. She settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is teaching English at a local Thai school and loving it! Read more about Summer.

Ashley Little - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Ashley Little

Geochang, South Korea

A small town Canadian girl looking for a new adventure abroad, Ashley decided to quit her job and move to South Korea with her partner. Although having only travelled abroad a few times, Ashley was excited for a new challenge and the many different experiences teaching in a foreign country would offer! Read more about Ashley.

André Mileti - ITA Alumni Ambassador

André Mileti

Madrid, Spain

A former printer salesman turned filmmaker, André decided to learn Spanish on a whim at the age of 20. Three continents later, he’s teaching English in Madrid. Read more about André.

Amber Jester - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Amber Jester

Tokyo, Japan

A small town girl from DelaWHERE?, Amber knew there was more to life than excel spreadsheets and once a year vacations. The summer of her 25th birthday, she sold everything she owned on Craigslist and bought a one way ticket to Tokyo to teach English. Read more about Amber.

Brianna Brage - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Brianna Brage

Medellin, Colombia

A small town girl from South Dakota who decided to follow her dreams of traveling and teaching abroad in Colombia. Read more about Brianna.

Kathleen Doyle - ITA Alumni Ambassador

Kathleen Doyle

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Growing up, Kathleen’s family moved around the world- never staying in the same place for more than a few years. With everything she owns in a backpack, it was only natural for her to pick up one day and move to Costa Rica! Read more about Kathleen.


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